Freshfields Farm Eggs are a friendly family firm.  We have been farming for over 50 years, producing and delivering quality eggs and service around Manchester, Liverpool, the Midlands and North Wales from our base in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

Freshfields Free Range Eggs

All our Freshfields Free Range eggs are produced from hens who are free to roam outdoors during the day and at night they have sheds which provide protection with laying nests. All the birds are assessed and checked on a regular basis.


As producers and suppliers of all types of eggs since the 1950’s we know a thing or two about eggs.  Why not try some of our delicious recipes today?

Over the last fifty years Freshfields Farm Eggs have built an enviable reputation as producers and suppliers of farm fresh eggs to a wide variety of customers.

We currently supply our services to the following: 



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Freshfields are also wholesalers of a selection of other quality products

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